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Guided Trail Rides, Camps, and Pony Rides

At Bog Brook Farm we are pleased to offer guided trail rides for all ages, and day camp for children.  Being a small farm we are able to offer very flexible trail rides that can be tailored to your schedule and level of riding.  Day camps are offered throughout the summer. 

Guided Trail Rides


We are pleased to offer guided trail rides to all levels of riders.  All rides are tailored to the groups needs.  We offer an hour long ride that will take you on a journey through the Northern Maine woods.  There will be views of Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Chase, and of course there is always a chance of seeing wildlife.

We have a reliable string of trail horses that are quite and dependable.  Here at Bog Brook Farm we will work hard to match you with the right horse for your level of riding and personality.  Our main goal is for all riders to have a safe, relaxed ride!

Day Camp **NOT OFFERED FOR 2023**


Throughout the spring, summer, and fall we offer day camp for children ages 5-18.  Camp is usually offered once or twice per month depending on our schedule.  At day camp all participants get the opportunity to have a 'horse for the day' and ride at least once.  We will play horse games and do crafts, as well as learn some basic horse knowledge and how much work goes into owning a horse.

New last year was the Little Buckeroos camp designed specifically for children ages 3-5.  It was a lot of fun and a great success so we intend to offer it again this year.  It is a wonderful opportunity for your little ones to get an introduction to horses.  They will all have a chance to lead and ride a horse, as well as learn some basic barn etiquette and do a craft. 

Pony Rides


Bog Brook Farm also offers pony rides for local events, and private birthday parties.  We are very flexible and are able to accommodate a variety of venues.

If this is anything you are interested in please call for more information.

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